Hurricane/Storm Cleanup/Preparation

Part of owning a home or business in Florida is having to deal with Hurricanes on occasion. In addition to Hurricanes, the coastal towns of Florida are also known to get some heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

Tree Kings Florida can help get your property ready for a hurricane or storm by making sure all of your trees are properly trimmed and that any hazardous trees are removed. Having trees on your property can either be an asset or a liability depending on how often you care for your trees. Contact the trained arborists at Tree Kings Florida today for more information on our Hurricane and Storm Cleanup/Preparation services. 

Hurricane/Storm Preparation

Tree Kings Florida knows that proper preparation for a storm or hurricane comes with a lot of stress and worry. Tree Kings Florida can give you the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe when it comes to your trees and yard debris. Some other storm preparation measures you may want to take are:

  • Cover Your Windows With Shutters
  • Secure Loose Gutters/Downspouts
  • Fill Gas Tank
  • Develop An Evacuation Plan
  • Get Portable Generator
  • Bring In Patio Furniture
  • Secure Loose Shingles
  • Call Tree Kings Florida

If you have any questions about our Hurricane preparation services, visit our contact page or call Tree Kings Florida today.